Welcome to Nursery!

The Nursery provides a fun and exciting base upon which children can build their learning. We specialise in providing experiences and an environment where the children can explore, create and learn in such a way that they don’t even realise the progress they’re making because they’re having so much fun!
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In Nursery we follow the same curriculum planning as reception. This is because we function as a unit which provides a seamless transition from Nursery to reception. The children mix across the two year groups for Free Flow sessions, allowing them to engage with other children and adults while experiencing the vast array of activities on offer.
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We also enjoy spending time in the nursery room. Whether this is for story time, topic activities or music and dance, we love to have fun with our caring and nurturing staff.
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The staff and the children love it here and we are sure you will too!
Here is a short video introducing the staff working in the Nursery and giving you a virtual tour around some parts of the school. It will give you lots of information if your child is starting in the Nursery in September.  
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Devonshire Infant Academy

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