Surestart Children's Centres

All Children's Centres offer access to the following core services:


  • Early education integrated with childcare

  • Family support and outreach to parents

  • Child and family health services

In addition, they act as service hubs within the community for parents and providers of childcare services for children of all ages - offering a base for childminder networks and links to other day care provision, out of school clubs and extended schools.


Centres also have links with training and education providers, JobCentre Plus and the Children's Information Service.


The Children's Centre approach is targeted at the needs of children under 5 years old. However, Centres may also offer services to a wider range where possible.



Our local Surestart centres are listed below:


Surestart Cape Hill & Windmill Area/Surestart Bearwood

Corbett Street


B66 3PX

Tel: 0121 555 6756



Galton Valley Children's Centre
Great Arthur Street
B66 1DH

Tel: 0121 555 4870



Surestart Smethwick, Uplands & Londonderry

C/o Uplands School

Thompson Road


B67 6HT

Tel: 0121 555 7371


Devonshire Infant Academy

Auckland Road,


West Midlands


T: 0121 558 1652